UK GET IT FAST - Mcbazel Professional Anti-Slip Thumbstick Cap 6 In 1 Silicone Button Analog Thumb Grips Protective Cover For Xbox Series X/Series S Controller



  • £6.29

-High quality silicon enhanced ant-slip thumb grip for Xbox Series X/Series S controller. Durable and easy to install.
-3 different style available: 8mm convex, 15mm concave and 16mm convex caps. Convex stick for enhanced precision & improved aiming accuracy while concave stick for grip and comfort which reduces hand and thumb fatigue. You can mix to use to fit your gaming style.
-Get better experience in a long session game play

Package Includes:
6 x Thumbstick Caps

  • 1. Specially designed for Xbox Series X/Series S Controller, strong professional.
  • 2. High-quality silicone enhanced anti-slip thumb grip for Xbox Series X / Series S controllers, anti-slip material, durable and easy to install.
  • 3. There are 3 different styles: 8mm convex, 15mm concave and 16mm convex cover. The convex stick improves accuracy and aiming accuracy, while the concave stick improves grip and comfort, reducing fatigue of hands and thumbs.
  • 4. There are more styles for you to choose, you can mix and use to suit your game style to meet your game needs.
  • 5. It can help you control your handle well, so that you can better immerse yourself in the game atmosphere and experience the game.

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