UK GET IT FAST - Mcbazel Cooling Fans for PS5 with 3 Cooler External Port USB 3.0 Accessory Compatible with Playstation 5 Digital Edition/Ultra HD Console - White



  • £12.59

  • No need for additional adapters: directly powered by the PS5 console. No additional adapter is required. Convenient, fast and easy to use. Portable external cooling fan for PS5 digital version and UHD console.
  • USB-style cooling fan: Insert the fan into the USB port and turn on the power. If it is already operating, the indicator light will turn blue.
  • Fast and quiet: There are 3 fans, equipped with 1 large and 2 small turbo cooling fans, the fan speed reaches 4000RPN, which can dissipate heat evenly and quickly. The fan can work quietly without making too much noise, so you can have a relaxing and pleasant gaming environment.
  • Stylish design: seamlessly installed on the back, making your PS5 look slim. Easy to disassemble and install, stylish appearance.
  • Additional USB ports: There are additional USB3.0 sockets, which can be used for charging or connecting more USB devices, such as controllers, keyboards, etc.

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