UK GET IT FAST - MAYFLASH Magic Pack PS4 Controller Encoder FPS Adapter with MODS & Paddles for PS4


May Flash

  • £25.63

Magic Pack is an advanced gaming adapter ever built for Dual Shock 4 controller. Enjoy your gaming time with our revolutionary tech like Button Remapping, Mobile App Settings, Macro Mapping, Turbo, Autofire, FPS settings and LAG FREE!

  • Button Remapping and Mobile APP Settings - Button Remapping allows you to remap any button on your PS4 controller, at any time, which provide more button customization options beyond the PS4's inbuilt setting. Download Magic Pack app from your App Store or Google Play to get more settings.
  • Macro Mapping - Macro Mapping lets you set up to 6 Macro functions, and map to Left and Right Paddles, TPAD UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT buttons. Enjoy the boost of your reaction times and gaming performance.
  • Mappable Rear Paddles Rear paddles, when set as L2/R2 by default, allow you to click slightly instead of pressing L2 and R2 buttons all the way down. Paddles can be easily mapped to other buttons of macro settings too. Built in Turbo/Auto Fire.
  • Professional FPS Shooting Mode including 4 different firing modes and AUTO RUN, DROP SHOT, HIP, AIM DOWNSIGHT.
  • LAG FREE WIRED CONNECTION - The reason why so many pro-level users use wired controller is LATENCY. You can turn your PS4 controller into a Lag FREE wired controller by Magic Pack, which offers a faster, more reliable connection to give competitive edge in multiplayer contests. 10 foot long cable also allows for playing while charging your PS4 controller.

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