UK GET IT FAST - Mayflash Magic-NS Wireless Controller Adaptor Compatible with NeoGeo Mini (Nintendo Switch/PC) Rev1.2



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Product Description

The perfect solution for gamers that prefer a particular controller, but who like to play on multiple systems. The Magic-NS allows you to connect almost any next generation controller to your Nintendo Switch or PC. So if you find Mario Odyssey a little tricky with the Joy-Con controllers and don't fancy shelling out on an expensive Switch Pro Controller, simply plug in the Magic-NS to your Switch and within seconds you will be able to use either your PS4 DualShock Controller, Xbox One S Pad or virtually any other wireless or wired gamepad that you already own. Magic-NS also works on PC and PS3 so you can even connect your Nintendo Switch Joy-Con to your laptop and play your favourite games this way. Magic-NS also supports Xinput and rumble features on compatible games. Please visit the official web site : and check about the new update firmware occasionally because the support team will release firmware to enhance the product. NOTES:Compatible with NeoGeo Mini , please visit the Mayflash official site and download the specific firmware. Box Contains Includes USB adaptor

Box Contains

Includes USB adaptor

  • Play your Nintendo Switch games using your next generation wireless PS4 Dual Shock 4 or Xbox One controller
  • Use your Nintendo Switch Joy-Con or Pro Controllers on your PC or PS3
  • Enables gamers to connect wired controllers such as Arcade Sticks, Logitech Rumble Pads etc. to your Nintendo Switch
  • Simple Plug and Play design - connects via USB
  • Also compatible with many 3rd party controllers
  • Supports Xinput and rumble

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