UK GET IT FAST - Brook X ONE Adapter Wireless Converter and Rechargeable Battery making your XBOX ONE and Elite Controller Compatible with PS4, Nintendo Switch, XBOX One Console and PC



  • £36.89

With Brook X One Adapter, you can use your Xbox One controller to play your favourite PS4, Switch, PC and Xbox One games wirelessly. Brook Xbox One Adapter will unlock the full potential of your Xbox One controller and Improve your gaming experience!! The X One Adapter must be connected via wire at first time use for the purpose of registration - thereafter the X One Adapter will remember the controller and it can be used without wires.

  • Brook X ONE Adapter is Compatible with XBOX One, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC (XID) - Use your Xbox One and Elite controller to play games. Perfect if you prefer the XBOX One controllers over Dualshock, Pro Contoller or Joycon.
  • WIRELESS CONTROL (FOR PS4 and SWITCH) - Play PS4, Xbox One and Switch with Xbox one controller wirelessly without the need for a USB dongle receiver. Bluetooth Support for PC.
  • SUPPORTS MOTION CONTROL (FOR PS4 and SWITCH), Audio function (for Xbox one headphone) - Use your headset on Xbox One controller. Supports Turbo And Remap - Setting the button configuration by yourself.
  • Emulate PS4 touchpad via combo keys.(for PS4) Device switching mode PS4 / Switch / PC XID Xbox One wireless can be done via the combo keys.
  • ECHARGEABLE 800 MAH BATTERY - You can play Xbox One controllers while charging the battery. Does not include play and charge cable.

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