UK GET IT FAST - Mcbazel Surecom SA 250 132-173 200-260 400-519MHz Colour Graphic Antenna Analyzer



  • £125.99

This powerful antenna analyzers designed for testing, checking, tuning or repairing antennas and antenna feed lines.
Mainly, these are S.W.R. (Standing Wave Ratio) and impedance measurement instruments (vector impedance analyzers).
Easy-to use measurement modes. make SURECOM attractive for professionals and hobbyists.
It is quite important that graphical display of various parameters over a wide frequency range is a key feature of these analyzers which significantly reduces the time required to adjust an antenna.

Frequency Range:
132-173Mhz / 200-260Mhz / 400-519MHz
Connector: SMA-Female (50 OHM)
RF Output Power: 1-1.5V(5 - 10dB)
Frequency Step: 0.1/1/10/100/1000KHz
V.S.W.R. Range: 1.00-19.99
ZRX Range: 0-99.9
Frequency stability: <0.5PPM
Span width: 0.54MHz/1.35MHz/2.7MHz/5.4MHz/10.8MHz/27MHz/54MHz/108MHz/216MHz/432MHz

  • 2.2 " precision LCD screen,High-lumen LCD brightness, easy to read in direct sunlight
  • Heavy duty Aluminum enclosure,strong anti-interference ability. Very compact and convenient for field use. Built-in rechargertable battery
  • Full Band control by knob ( 132-173Mhz / 200-260Mhz / 400-519MHz)
  • Easy setup, only four control buttons with convenient on-screen soft menus. Constant Battery Status Indicator and Auto Shut-off. Built-in timer shows elapsed time when unit is turned on. High efficiency IC, low power consumption, the longest working hours
  • More choice measurement frequency Span . One botton quick scan mode (V1,V2,U) or 3 band by full screen. Auto marker the low s.w.r. level reference

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