UK GET IT FAST - Mcbazel GuliKit Controller Charger Station for Playstation 5, Fast Dual Universal Wireless Charging Dock with Charging Dongles Compatible with PS5 DualSense Controller



  • £17.99

-Specially designed for PS5 controllers. Include 2* PS5 controller charging dongles and allow you to charge as you wish. Prevent damage to the charging port, thereby extending the life span of the controller.
-Support to charge two controllers simultaneously.
-Built-in LED indicator can be seen directly to the charging status. Orange LED for charging and light-off for charging completed.
-Compact and easy to use. Connect the charging dock to power source. Plug the charging dongle to the controller charging port then put it on the charging dock. It will start charging automatically.
-Built-in multi-protection against short circuit caused by keys or other metal parts. Protections against over current and high temperature.

-Input Voltage: DC 4-5.5V
-Input Current: 0-2A
-Max Single Port Charging Current: 1A

-Compatible with PS5 controllers only.
-Charging dock is universal but charging dongles for other controllers (PS4/Xbox One/Switch Pro) are NOT included.
-Recommend to use power source 5V/2A or above.

Package Includes:
1 x Universal Controller Charging Dock2 x PS5 Controller Charging Dongles

  • Designed specifically for PS5 controllers. Includes 2 PS5 controller charging adapters and allows you to charge as needed. Prevent damage to the charging port, thereby extending the service life of the controller.
  • Support charging two controllers at the same time. It can be charged quickly, and it is recommended to use a charging adapter with an output of 5V / 2A or more.
  • The built-in LED indicator can directly see the charging status. The orange LED charging indicator has gone out and charging is complete.
  • Compact and easy to use. Connect the charging base to the power source. Insert the charging dongle into the charging port of the controller, and then place it on the charging base. It will automatically start charging.
  • Built-in multiple protections to prevent short circuits caused by buttons or other metal parts. Prevent over current and high temperature.

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